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Herve Lekuya Monka, Uganda

Travel Scholar 2019, Krakow, Poland

I had a special opportunity of an “eye to eye talk” with Prof. Michael Sarr, the Secretary-Treasurer of ISS-Foundation. We have exchanged for more than 1 hour, and we discussed my plans as an academic surgeon in sub-Saharan Africa. To be honest, I have never been highlighted like this before concerning my surgical career in detail. More


Sumita Pradhan, Nepal

Travel Scholar 2019, Krakow, Poland

The conference was extraordinarily educational. There were several sessions on Hepatobiliary, Pancreas, Colorectal in which I participated. I learned about various innovations and current trends. I was able to expand my knowledge and gain self-confidence in dealing with my patients. This experience will help me to become a good doctor and surgeon. More


Sakina Rashid, Tanzania

Travel Scholar 2019, Krakow, Poland

I have developed a deeper sense of responsibility towards the medical students and junior doctors I work with; to share with them the same ideology and to instill in them work ethics which reflect the same. My outlook on locally relevant research has also expanded; I now aim not only towards producing meaningful results but also constantly envision a manner in which to translate them into clinical practice. More


Sami Ullah, Pakistan

Travel Scholar 2019, Krakow, Poland

The Writer’s workshop was a master piece in itself because it was so well constructed that it addressed all the points according to the individual needs of participants and according to their competence levels. I will be focused and target oriented in future while writing or publishing any manuscript or conducting any research. More


Anip Joshi, Nepal

Travel Scholar 2017, Basel, Switzerland

The opportunity broadened my professional horizon by introducing me to the arena of surgical education.

I have been working towards improvement in the quality of surgical education in low-income countries. With strong guidance from Professor Michael Sarr and Professor Andrew Hill, I along with fellow scholars from 6 countries have been able to conduct an ASSURED project and publish it in the World Journal of Surgery. More


Oluwaseun Abiola Ladipo-Ajayi, Nigeria

Travel Scholar 2017, Basel, Switzerland

Let me reiterate what an awesome opportunity this has been for me and how grateful I am to the ISS Foundation for it. I had a great time, learnt so much and now have a renewed and re-invigorated confidence in myself and my career path. My interactions with fellow scholars and some of the Faculty has positively influenced my perceptions and practice. More


Aman Arora, India

Travel Scholar 2017, Basel, Switzerland

The Writers Workshop was something which I enjoyed being a part of. It helped me allay my fear of writing and gave me an insight into the thought process of a reviewer. During the day, the Lectures were well distributed and care was taken to ensure minimal overlap of Sessions. Presentations were very informative and to the point. More


Gigi Varghese, India

Travel Scholar 2017, Basel, Switzerland

It was indeed an eye opener for me to have interacted with surgeons all around the world. We talked about our culture, our practice as surgeons and quickly succeeded in making friends and established cordial relationships. Soon I realized how different the practicing environments were in various other continents. I have been a practicing colorectal surgeon for 6 years now and extremely intrigued by the depth of culture and knowledge of fellow Travel Scholars. More

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