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Aims of the Foundation





  1. Provide means of furthering the professional training, developing the technical background and promoting the education of individuals in training, through seminars, special courses, granting of scholarships, travel and research fellowships. Applications may be received from all  member nations, but surgery students from underdeveloped nations will be encouraged to apply for study in those areas fortunate to be more developed and advanced.

  2. Disseminate to surgeons and other medical personnel information regarding the newest surgical procedures and techniques and the use of specialized and newly developed equipment.

  3. Engage in an educational program with respect to the use of electronic and other types of instruments intended for treatment of disease, including, but not limited to, the development and teaching of surgical and other procedures.

  4. Support research and the advancement of knowledge in the subjects of physiology, biology and chemistry as they relate to the subject of surgery.

  5. Publish scientific reports and journals devoted to the subjects of surgery and to otherwise disseminate medical information through the giving of papers, attendance at seminars and participation in conferences.

  6. Cooperate with public and private agencies having aims similar to the purposes of this organization on national and international levels.

  7. Take all steps necessary to exchange scientific information and knowledge.

  8. Support high profile lectures for participation in ISS/SIC Congresses and Postgraduate Courses.

  9. Study the provision of surgical services to the public and the relationship of such services to the manpower available to supply it.

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The ISS Foundation works closely with the International Society of Surgery to ensure that only the best surgeons are speaking at the World Congress of Surgeons. Furthermore ensures the society best possible education throught the programs of its Integrated Societies. 

See the summaries of several educational outreach programs of the IAES and BSI under the heading above titled "More"

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